Jul 122010

daman-happy-birthday-35 Daman_rupakheti

Daman Rupakheti has turned 35 on Sunday, July 11.

Happy Birthday Daman!

Daman was the Concept maker of Meri Bassai who later left the popular tele-serial to make a new comedy serial, Jhayikuti Jhayi.

Daman had recently returned from Malaysia where he had done a stage program.  He went to Malaysia with his partner Sekhar Khanal, where he had also shot some parts of Jhayikuti Jhai.

On his birthday Daman told, “I have eaten 35 pinda.” In Nepali, pinda is a food offered yearly by the son of the deceased during a special memorial ceremony.

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  1. happy birthday Daman Sir, wishing you a great health and prosperity. Well Done dai for 35 Pinda.

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