Aug 142011

Gaijatra is the greatest festival for the comedy artists in Nepal. Gaijatra is one of the most fun filled festivals in Nepal, in which everybody makes fun people, system and organizations.


The Gaijatra program features Jyoti Kafle as Babu Ram Bhattarai and Sita Ram Kattel (Dhurmus) as Madhav Kumar Nepal. Kunjana Ghimire (Shuntali) is running the program as an interviewer.


Another program in Avenue TV features the same two artists. But, it is a different program.


In the time when people weren’t allowed to make fun of the government, the comedians made use of the festival to it’s maximum for satirical articles, plays, and programs. In the current time the comedians don’t need to wait for Gaijatra to express their feelings. But, the tradition lives on and to celebrate Gaijatra is the festival of comedy.

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