Jan 272014

Note: We made a mistake and reported the anniversary 1 month in advance. The anniversary is actually in February. Sorry for the mistake. The original post follows:

It has been 11 years since comedy artist Jitu Nepal married Muna Raut. Today is the marriage anniversary of the actor popularly known as ‘Mundre’ after the character he plays in ‘Jire Khursani‘.

jitu nepal family

Jitu and Muna have two children – Gitanjali and Samriddhi.

On the occasion of the 11th marriage anniversary, serialsansar team wish Jitu and Muna a very happy anniversary and wish them a life-long happiness. We wish the love and support between the couple becomes as strong as ever.

A photo of the marriage of Jitu Nepal and Muna Raut:

jitu nepal muna raut marriage - in 2004

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