Harke Haldar – Bishnu Sapkota – Likes and dislikes

Bishnu Sapkota, popularly known as Harke Haldar after the comedy serial by the same name talks about his like and dislikes.


likeI Like 

  • Gazalu Eyes (Eyes with black Gazal applied to the lower lids): There is even a song "Gazalu tii thula thula aankha," I like Gazalu eyes.
  • Long black hair: Some ladies have long hair, like the ones shown in advertisements of hair oil and shampoo. I love such hair.
  • Smart body: Well, it is not possible to find the zero size like Kareena Kapoor. But, slim women easily attract me.
  • Simple: Women with simple behavior and sweet talking habit are better, aren’t they?

unlike I don’t like:

  • Indecent behavior: I don’t like the women who are indecent in the name of fashion.
  • Anger: I don’t like the women who get angry fast. I get angry toward those angry people.
  • Boy’s cut: The girls with boy’s cut hair cut look like boys.
  • Beer belly: I don’t like the fat belly. It looks like wearing a swimming tube all the time.

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