Harke Haldar – December 16, 2015

Popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlights of this episode:

  • Why was Batuli mad at Lahure Ba?
  • Why did Harke carry his slipper, why he didn’t wear it?
  • Why was Harke sad and why what was Batuli scared of?
  • Why did Khambe and his friends discuss of the guest?
  • What was Jogindar trying to convince Lahure Ba about the Constitution?
  • What was Deuki’s suggestion to Jogindar Kaka?
  • Why did Khabe demand money from Lahure Ba?
  • What did Lahure Ba gave to Khambe and his friends instead of money?
  • What did Sukumaya say when Pyakuli brought orange for Sukumaya?

Harke Haldar

Watch the full episode

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