Harke Haldar – September, 2015 episodes

Harke Haldar – September 30, 2015

Popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Watch this episode to know:

  • Why did Sukumaya’s dad faint when heard the question of his daughter ?
  • Why did Sukumaya want to marry?
  • Why can’t Gopi go to his brother-in-law’s house?
  • What did Assa says when, Harke propose to marry her?

Harke Haldar

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Harke Haldar – September 23, 2015

  • Why Galbo asked Lahure Ba has to pay the compensation for Aasha’s death.
  • Jhmke and Galbo talks about the Constitution and caste system.
  • Why dis Sukumaya take Harke to her house?
  • What did Khambe and his friend start to do?

Harke Haldar

Harke Haldar – September 16, 2015, Teej episode

  • Why is Lahure Ba sad, why he didn’t want to eat food?
  • What is wrong with Asha ? Why is she feeling bad?
  • What suggestion did Reshma give to Asha?
  • Why did Gundruke and Tilike cry in front of Khambe?


Harke Haldar – September 10, 2015

  • Why is the director mad at Harke Haldar.
  • Harke and Aasha do a very funny act during the shooting.
  • Why did Lahure Ba bring a girl to his house?
  • Why does director encouraged Aasha to go to become a Bollywood actress.
  • How did Khambe revealed the director’s real identity?

Harke Haldar

Harke Haldar – September 2, 2015

  • Why there is no artist at the location when the director says “Action”?
  • Why did Aasha hug the director?
  • Why did Lahure Ba ask Batuli to hug him?
  • What did Lahure Ba do when Aasa asks for mineral water?
  • Way does a journalist want to take photos with the actress?
  • How did Lahure Ba got interviewed?

Harke Haldar

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