Holi in Karishma Manandhar’s home

karishma-manadhar-holi-2On the occasion of Holi, actress Karishma Manandhar and her producer and director husband, Binod Manandar organized a special program in their home. All the film personalities including actors and actress were invited in the program in which Binod Manandhar celebrated his birthday. Their daughter, Kabita Manandhar was also present in the holi celebration ceremony. Here are some photos from the occasion and a video news by dcnepal.

Some of the well known people present in the occasion are : Rekha Thapa, Nandita KC, Rejina Upreti, Sushma Karki, Yashraj, Niraj Baral, Naresh Poudel, Aakash Adhikari, Ashok Sharma, Shovit Basnet, Sudarshan Thapa, Ukesh Dahal, Kiran KC, Shayam Bhattarai, Rajendra Khadgi, Himal KC, Govinda Rai, Prabhu Shamsher, Dinesh DC etc.

Video news:

movie-artist-holi-nepali (59)


movie-artist-holi-nepali (19)

In the following photo, Sushma Karki on the way to Karishma Mandhar’s home in a scooter:

Sushma Karki in scooter - on way to Karishma Manandhar house - holi

(Photo credits – moviesnepal, onlinekhabar, dinesh wagle)

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3 thoughts on “Holi in Karishma Manandhar’s home


    (March 19, 2011 - 5:35 pm)

    sorry la dear actor & actress it’s too much,you all are the stars of our country so before do something u all sud think hundred times ,,okay u all celebrate the holi it’s good we sud follow that becouse it’s our nepali culture too..m really became happy lookin gather of u all & sharing yours love to eacn other.here,it’s my regrate that, why do u play the track of hindi movie???we have lot of nepali songs of holi from our more movies,,why u didnt paly our nepali track???just mind it u all please!!!rally it has become the copy of others nationality,,u all r not the ordinary person &u all r the main person of our country , u all the artist & all people of nepal watching u from every corner of nepal,,and they all r getting massage from u all they r learning something from u all okay??? it’s ur responsible to drive them in right way. it’s specially for karishma dd & binod dai becouse both u r the elder than others.hope that u all will mind it & try to take the right way from the next time…..thank you!!! HAPPY B’DAY DAI BINOD..


    (March 20, 2011 - 7:31 am)

    WTF नेपाली कलाकार ले नै आफ्नो नेपाली song बिर्सिए पछी what you nepali artist expect from us…?नेपाल मा पनि होलि song हरु छन् नि….

    khagendra thapa

    (March 22, 2011 - 1:45 pm)

    mero b4 ma pani ta tehi thiyo ani k holi manayako nepali artist bhayara pani hindi, english jasta music haru samabes gari nach ghana gareko maan parena ra holi chahi majjale manaunu bhayako raichha so tyo chahi maan paryo malai pani la

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