How Sunita Gautam, Muiya of Meri Bassai started the serial?

The wife of Magne Budha (Kedar Ghimire) of ‘Meri Bassai‘, Muiya’s real name is Sunita Gautam. Sunita’s husband is Kedar Ghimire’s friend.  Kedar and Sunita’s husband knew each other well before she met either of them. They were friends in their home town in Hetauda. Sunita luckily met the right person, Kedar Ghimire, at the right time and got the role in the serial.

muiya and magne budho

The time was when Sunita was having an affair with her current husband. She was studying in Pashupati College in Kathmandu and she was also working in a serial ‘Thorai Bhaya Pugisari’. In addition to that she was also taking dance class in Dinesh Adhikari’s dance school.

One day, Sunita and her boyfriend (current husband) met his friend Kedar Ghimire at Kalanki Chowk. While having a chat in Kedar’s shop located at Kalanki Chowk, Kedar knew about Sunita’s interest in acting. Kedar told about his plan to start a new serial. He also promised to call her if the plan to start a serial became a reality.

After a few days of meeting, Kedar called Sunita for a dummy shooting of ‘Meri Bassai’. She did the role of the wife of Kedar’s character Magne Budha. The dummy got approved and the serial also became very successful. These days, Sunita is known more by Muiya than her real name. When she walks on street people recognize her and call Muiya.  Sunita feels proud and happy on the success of the serial and her role in the serial.

sunita Gautam and her husband

sunita gautam muiya

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