Sep 062015

Highlights of this interview:

  • Arjun talks about how he got role in ‘Bhadragol’ serial.
  • Subash (Belase) is the producer of Bhadragol serial.
  • Arjun talsk about how he met Jigri (Kumar Kattel).
  • Before Arjun started ‘Bhadragol’ serial he was featured in small roles in some other serials.
  • Arjun debuted in popular comedy serial ‘Hijo Aajako Kura’.
  • He discusses about how hard his work as the actor is and how the serial’s script writing is done.
  • He also tells how long it takes to make an episode?
  • Arjun also discusses why they don’t include political issues in the serial?
  • He also talks about earthquake in Nepal.


Watch the full interview

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