Oct 292015

This is an interview of journalist Rishi Dhamala in Canada. Highlights of this video:

  • Rishi explains why he has come to Canada.
  • Rishi talks about the situation of Nepal during Dashain festival.
  • He says he is proud of Nepali living in Canada.
  • Rishi talks about the difference of America and Canada and compares it with the difference with India and Nepal.
  • Rishi says Nepal needs young politician to develop Nepal.
  • Rishi says Nepali people should learn from developed country and go back to Nepal to implement there.
  • Rishi says he likes visiting Canada but he doesn’t want to leave Nepal for a long time.


Watch the full interview

  2 Responses to “Interview of Rishi Dhamala”

  1. […] May be because of excessive amount of reaction from the viewers, the interview video was offline for a while. Now, it is available  here. Rishi is currently in Canada at his wife’s parental home. He was interviewed in Canada. […]

  2. […] Rishi Dhamala went to Canada in Dashain 2015. Here is an interview of Dhamala in Canada. […]

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