Is Shilpa Pokharel engaged to a NRN ? (Rajatpat video)

It is a common trend of Nepali actresses to marry non-resident-Nepali guys. In a latest report, Nepali actress, Shilpa Pokharel is also engaged to Norway resident Nepali, Binod Karki.

  • News first came in ‘Rajatpat’ program in Nepal Television (full program is attached below)
  • Shilpa was shocked by the news and numerous calls she received after the news.
  • The guy, Binod Karki, is Shilpa’s brother in law’s younger brother.
  • Shilpa says that she hasn’t engaged the guy and is not planning to marry soon .

Video report:

Rajatpat program:

Shilpa’s last movie ‘Fagu’ flopped. A video report on the failure of actress Karishma Manandhar’s film production:


shilpa pokharel engagement rumor

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