Feb 082016

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. The host of the program is director Narayan Puri.
Highlights of this program:

  • Today’s guest are popular comedian Sandip Chhetri and his wife Samikchha Pokharel Chhetri.
  • Sandip talks about his feelings before marriage and after marriage.
  • Samikchha talks about her feelings about Sandip being her husband.
  • Samikchha talks about her felling when she met Sandip for the first time.
  • Sandip also talks about how he met his wife Samikchha for the first time.
  • Sandip and his wife Samikchha talks about how they decided to marry.
  • Samikchha says how her dad convinced her to marry Sandip Chhetri.
  • Sandip talks about what his father in law is like.
  • Watch the video to see what made Samikchha to cry in the interview.
  • Sandip says Samikchha is his first critic.
  • Sandip talks how Samikchha helps him in his work.


Watch the full program

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