Jeevan Sathi with RP Bhattarai and his wife

This program was shown in Himalaya TV, hosted by the popular director and the TV chief, Narayan Puri. Highlights of this program:

  • Host Narayen Puri asks Saru the meaning of love.
  • Narayen Puri asks RP to define life.
  • R.P Bhatarai tells how he meet Saru, his wife, for the first time?
  • R.P also tells about the interesting aspects of his marriage to Saru?
  • Saru tells about her fellings towards her married life?
  • Saru explains the things she likes about her husband?
  • R.P. tell how he got fat?
  • R.P. and Narayen Puri talks about R.P’s acting and the funny aspects of the profession?


Watch the full interview

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