Jire Khursani – October 22, 2014

Popular comedy serial ‘Jire Khursani’ was shown in NTV. Highlight of today’s episode:

  • The story continues from the last episode about lost goat.
  • Khurapati hakim and police make a plane for the goat search.
  • They started an advertisement campaign with a prize of Rs. 50,000 for the goat.
  • When Mundre and Thula ba saw that ad, they decided to returned the goat.
  • But Khurapati hakim didn’t give them the prize money, he instead invited them for the Fulpati.
  • Mundre and his family came to Khurapati hakim’s house to stay.
  • Thuli is so happy to stay there because she didn’t have to do any work just stay and eat food.
  • Khurapati Hakim is mad at Mundre’s Family.
  • When Bhoke asked for food, Khurapati Hakim’s wife is also mad at him.

Jire Khursani

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