Apr 012016

The drama features Khurapati Hakim,Hema, Niraj, Asina Prasad, Rata Makai.

Highlights of this video:

  • Rata Makai explains what earthquake did to people.
  • Rata Makai goes to his house to bring blanket and sleep in a tent.
  • Niraj also found the tent and sleep there.
  • Asina Prasad and Thuli also joined them to sleep in the tent.
  • Thuli tell a funny incident about sleeping in the tent to her husband.
  • Khurapati hakim and his wife Hema also joined others in the same tent for the night.
  • Asina Prasad and Khurapati Hakim discuss about Pahadi and Madhesi people.

Jire Khursani

Watch the full funny drama

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