Jan 232012

Miss Teen 2005 Priyanka Karki and her husband Rochak Mainali in Jiwan Sathi talk show. The talk show was shown in htv.

It is sad that Rochak Mainali and Priyanka Karki later divorced. The divorce happened a short time after this interview.

It is surprising that they didn’t reveal any clues that they might not continue living together for a long time. May be, they didn’t know themselves.

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  8 Responses to “Jiwan Sathi January 23, 2012 – Priyanaka Karki and Rochak Mainali”


  2. such a damn good couple an interview!!!

  3. Tqj

  4. […] Sathi – interview with Priyanka and Rochak about their married […]

  5. Mari umar 25yer che ane febriceton nu kaskhanu chalau chu ane ek jiwan sathi ni talas ma chu maru emil id kholine mara vise vadhu mahiti medvi sakocho

  6. I love my india

  7. Mujay ek dost kee talash hay

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