Joya and Jiwan return back to Nepal, happy reunion

Jiwan Magar has brought his Philippine wife back to Nepal with his sons. 3 months ago, Philipino citizen, Joya (Joylen Grace Mijares) was returned back to Philippines by an NGO in association with the Philippines consulate. A few days after Joya’s return, her husband Jiwan Magar started the process to bring back his wife and the kids.

Video report:

Joya was sent to Philippines when she was found living in Nepal illegally unofficially marrying a Nepali guy named Jiwan Magar. They have two kids whose birth certificate couldn’t be made in Nepal because of their mother being illegal. Jiwan was accused of mis treating Joya and was sent back home in Philippines.

The couple met in UAE in 2011. They were foreign employees in UAE. They fell in love and traveled to Nepal together and got married and stated living together. Joya and Jiwan lived in Jiwan’s home in Chitwan. In the mean time, two sons, Miguel Magar Majares and Erric Magar Mijares were born to the couple. Jiwan lost his younger brother and father in the four years they lived together. The financial condition worsened. Jiwan was the sole bread earner of the family of mother, sister, wife and tow kids. Joya was sad and missed her family and wanted to visit them in Philippines but couldn’t afford the cost. Frustrated by their poverty and stress, their relationship was in danger and they also had arguments. A social worker in Chitwan took Joya and and their children into her Shelter Home while Jiwan was at work. Jiwan wasn’t allowed to meet his wife and children. After four months, his wife and children were sent back to Philipines without any documents.

After the news became public, Nepali from all over the world started collecting money to send Jiwan to Philippines and bring her back. A total of Rs. 15 lakh was collected for the effort. According to report, some Rs. 10 lakh of the money is still available and the money will be invested in a revenue generating business for Jiwan.


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