Julfe, the new look of Dhurmus, Sitaram Kattel

The actor of ‘Meri Bassai‘, Sitaram Kattel is more known as Dhurmus than his real name. Apart from Dhurmus other characters like Khadka Ji, Muskan Pasa, KP Oli are also very popular. In an upcoming short film, Sitaram is going to be seen in a new look – Julfe.

Sitaram kattel - durumus marries

The short movie ‘Julfeko Ghar’ features Sitaram in a youth character with hair like the crown of a cock. Sitaram says that the character was the most challenging one so far. In the character he has used new hair style, new tone of speaking, body language and everything is different.

In the film the Julfe was born at the first croak of cock and he has grown the hair like cock’s crown.

The film also features actress Richa Sharma, journalist Prem Baniya, Ramesh Adhikari, Surbir Pandit, Kamala Regmi, Madhav Pandit, Shanti Bannet and Basanta Bhatta.

Sitaram kattel julfe

Sitaram kattel julfe 2

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