Jyoti Magar and Shiva BK in Deusi Geet – Sunday Funday

The hot model and singer Jyoti Magar is known for suggestive dance and acting. These days she is more focused in modeling than singing. She usually dances in the songs by other singers. The video shared here is a Tihar Deusi Bhailo song by singers Muna Thapa Magar, Thaman Pariyar and Prem Sagar Poudel.

jyoti magar shooting report

In the hot music video music video director Shiva BK is featured opposite to Jyoti Magar. The song titled ‘Jatatatai Makhmali Phulyo …’  is from Deusi Geet album. The music is composed by Thaman Pariyar and lyrics is written by Prapti Poudel.

Although Jyoti is featured in a very short dhoti, she is much sober in the music when compared to other music videos featuring Jyoti Magar. That might be because her hot appearance wouldn’t fit the Deusi song of  Tihar.

In a shooting report posted below, Jyoti is featured in a very hot appearance. Jyoti is being featured with Tanka Timilsina in the shooting. The director, Shiva BK is also featured opposite to Jyoti in the music video. The following video is only a shooting report, the music video itself is yet to release.


  • Jyoti sings a song about Deusi Bhailo, for Tihar.
  • Jyoti answers why her videos are glamourous.
  • Jyoti says she also loves acting.
  • Jyoti told that she is offered roles in Nepali movies but, she didn’t like those roles.
  • Jyoti talks about her act song ‘Dhade Biralo’.
  • Jyoti says she is a crazy singer and performer.
  • Jyoti sings a song ‘kina ho kina keta merai pachhi parchhan…’.
  • Jyoti talks about her love life and the kind of person she wants.


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