Kabaddi Kabaddi and Jaun Hinda Pokhara – Tuesday Trailer

Shovit Basnet’s movie ‘Jaun Hinda Pokhara’ is releasing on Mangsir 11 to compete with the sequel of a hit movie ‘Kabaddi’ – ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’. The Dayahang Rai and Nischal Basnet starrer movie is the continuation of the first sequel that was liked by many viewers. Although these two movies are targeted to different viewers, the business will surely be affected by the release at the same time.

tuesday trailer kabaddi jau pokhara

Attempt to cash on Rekha Thapa stardom?

It seems Shovit is trying to cash on the stardom of Rekha Thapa in the movie. The action love story movie is targeted to the single screen theaters where there is craze of Rekha Thapa and Jiwan Luitel.

The movie ‘Jaun Hinda Pokhara’ is written and directed by Shovit Basnet and is produced under his home production, Salon Films. The action is directed by Rajendra Khadgi, music is composed by Amrit Shrestha nd the cinematographer is Ganesh Kumar Shrestha.

Kabaddi Kabaddi tries to recreate the magic of Kabaddi

In the trailer of ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’, it seems the movie is trying to recreate the magic of the original movie. The movie has similar setting and similar crew members. The movie also features a song by Nischal Basnet.

The song – Hit geet:



Song Lappan Chhapan

Trailer 1

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