Khadkaji says, he taught Paras Khadka to play cricket

UPDATE: Watch the episode of ‘Meri Bassai’. Watch the first part starting at 5:00 minutes if you only want to watch the Khadkaji’s talk mentioned in this article. (… end of UPDATE)

The comedy character of Meri Bassai, Khadkaji told that he taught the Nepali cricket captain Paras Khadka to play cricket. Khadka ji also says that his face was deformed by the cricket of Paras.

khadka ji - sitaram kattel talks cricket in meri bassai

That was a scene of Tuesday’s Meri Bassai in which actor Sitaram Kattel, as Khadkaji, talks about the talk of the town, Nepali cricket team. Nepali cricket team had made a good impression in the world arena and returned back with a respectable loss.

At the time when the quality of ‘Meri Bassai’ been degraded considerably, inclusion of hot topics like the cricket game might help it in picking up of the viewers goodwill. The actor, who had become a father of a daughter, won’t have his partner in the serial untill his off-screen and on-screen wife, Kunjana Ghimire, gets better after the childbirth.

sitaram kattel and kunjana ghimire with daughter

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