Dec 072015

Comedy show ‘Khas Khus’ was made by Magne Budo and Takme budo.

Episode 6

Episode 5

Episode 4

  • What happened when, Takme Budo stop the motorcycle.
  • What happened when Niru asked Takme Budo not to talk?
  • Why did Magne Budo and Muiya discuss about Indian blockade?
  • How did Takme teach Magne Budo to ask for lift in road?
  • What did Magne Budo do to a girl on road? Why did she slap Magne Budo?
  • What happened to Magne Budo on his way to a Bratabhandha?

Khas Khus

Watch the full episode (Episode 3)

Episode 2

Ep 2 — EXTRA shot:

Episode 1

more about the serial (news).

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