Khusbu Oli, Chari’s girlfriend found a UK NRN to marry

There was a party at hotel Yak and Yeti on March 12, for an engagement ceremony. The ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli was the engagement of the girlfriend of the notorious don, killed in a police encounter in 2014. The don, Chari, was known to be under the protection of KP Oli and his party.

Khusbu Oli got a lot of media attention after the death of Chari. She fled country and started living in the UK after that. In a report, she had returned back to Nepal to get married with Santosh Karki. Santosh also lives in London, UK.

Video report:

Khuabu Oli was the Miss Teen 2006 and has started an orphanage named ‘Shelter Nepal’. The orphanage run by the personal contributions of her friends and family house the children with criminal background.

Congratulation to Khusbu and Santosh. I wish them a very happy married life.

khusbu oli

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