Jan 282016

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this interview:

  • Kunjana says she feels happy when people know her as Suntali.
  • She talks about her busy schedule these days.
  • She talks about what people said and did when they started helping people.
  • She talks about how and what she had done to help the earthquake victims.
  • She also talks about returning back from the USA and starting Dhurmus and Suntali foundation.
  • Suntali talks about how she generates money for social work.
  • Kunjanana also explains why the foundation named Dhurmus Suntali Foundation instead of Sitaram Kunjana Foundation.
  • She talks about their plan for the upcoming TV program.
  • Kunjana talks about the satisfaction she gets by acting and the social work.
  • She also remembers the struggle period of herself and Dhurmus


Watch the full interview

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