Banpale – Comedy telefilm of MaHa

Highlights of this serial:

  • This story is about a forest and the forester.
  • Madan Krishna Shrestha plays the role of an honest forester (Himatraj).
  • Himatraj consults with his staff about how they can increase greenery in their compound.
  • Hari Bamsha Acharya is featured as Saduram Sukumbasi, a guy who steals timber from the forest.
  • Himatraj tries to stop Sadhuram from stealing and the corruption in his office.
  • Saduram sends a fake message to the forester amd his Narendra to send them to their home.
  • Saduram had planned to send them both to their home so that he could steal the wood from the forest.
  • When Himatraj couldn’t do anything to save the forest, he went to the minister for complain.
  • Himatraj was shocked when he saw the minister with Saduram. Saduram blamed Himatraj of stealing the wood from the forest.
  • Watch the video to know what happened to Himatram.


Watch the full serial

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