Maha’s Telifilm ‘Jalpari’

Highlights of this serial:

  • What happened when Kumari took a picture of Jalpari and others view it?
  • Why did Jalpari take Kumari to her house?
  • Why did Kumari think Jalpari’s dad is a women?
  • What did Kumari do when he go to Jalpari’s house?
  • Why did Jalpari’s parents want to go to Kumari’s house?
  • What happened when Jalpari’s parents reached Khatmandu, Kumari home area?
  • Why did they change their minds and they didn’t want to go to Kumari’s house?
  • What happend when Kumari went in search Jalpari’e parents?
  • How did Kumari and his family connivence Jalpari’s parents?


Watch the full comedy serial

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