Meri Bassai – April 2015

Meri Bassai – April 7, 2015

Popular comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai’ was shown in NTV. Watch this episode to know.

  • What is Khadka Ji doing these days?
  • Why is Raju Master mad at his wife?
  • What did Khadka Ji do to find ‘Khadka Ji International Airport’?
  • Why did Khadka Ji speak Chinese in the phone?

Meri Bassai

Meri Bassai – April 14, 2015

  • What is Dhurmuse hunting ?
  • Why did Dhrmuse run-away?
  • What is Fateuri budi doing at Raju Master’s house?
  • Why is Raju Master in trouble?

Meri Bassai

Meri Bassai – April 21, 2015

  • What is Kaji’s punishment to Raju Master for his bad work?
  • What did Fatauri Aimai do when she saw Ramkali?
  • What is Dhurmuse’s plan to make a living without working.
  • What do Raju Master and Ramkali to send Fatauri back?

Meri Bassai

All the serials halted after April 25 earthquake.

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