Jan 072015

Meri Bassai – January 6, 2015

‘Meri Bassai was shown in NTV.

Watch this episode to know.

  • Why Suntali didn’t go to the Office?
  • Why Pyakuli is unconscious ?
  • Why Hanumane married Pyekuli?
  • Why is Dhurmuse mad?
  • Why are Hanumane and Pyakuli scared of Kalu Dada?
  • Why is Pyakuli crying?
  • Khadka Ji returns in this episode after a long time.

Meri Bassai


Meri Bassai – January 13, 2015

Watch this episode to know.

  • Why is Hanumane mad at Dari Ba?
  • What is Khadka Ji teaching the villagers?
  • What does Dari Ba learn from Hanumane?
  • Why is everybody practicing yoga?
  • Why is Ram Kali mad at Khadka ji?
  • Why does Dhurmuse look sentimental ?
  • Why does Darsane start to cry?

Meri Bassai


Meri Bassai – January 20, 2015

  • Why does Raju master call Hunumane?
  • Why does Dhurmuse ask for some money from Hanumane?
  • Why did Raju master run away from Khadka ji?

Meri Bassai


Meri Bassai – January 27, 2015

  • Why did Muskan Passa drink alcohol early in the morning?
  • Why did Kaji run away from Muskan Passa?
  • Why did Muskan Passa call Fatauri?
  • Why is Hanumane scared of Mangali?
  • Why did Mangali start beat Hanumane and Pakuli?

Meri Bassai


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