Meri Bassai – July 8, 2014

The July 8 edition of ‘Meri Bassai‘ continues on the story of the last week.

Watch the episode to know:

  • Why does Gopte Kaji goes to the police station and what is the news on radio?
  • Who does the police arrest the new guy in the village?
  • What is the new trick played by Fasi Lal and Muskan Pasa to get Nirmali?
  • Why does Dhurmus start helping Fasi Lal in his affair with Nirmali?
  • What is the trouble in Khadkaji’s home?
  • What does Dari Ba do to the new found relationship between his daughter and Fasi Lal?

Watch the full episode to know all the answers:

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meri bassai july 8

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