Meri Bassai – June 21, 2016

Popular comedy serial’Meri Bassai’ was shown in NTV. Highlights of this episode:

  • Ghape Subba asked Bokre not to join politics as it is not beneficial.
  • Fatauri Aamoi didn’t let her grandson to use toilet for a funny reason.
  • Fatauri Aamoi told a gold ring story to Chamsuri. Fatauri Aamoi told the story was a secret and asked her not to tell it to anybody else.
  • Fatauri Aamoi gold ring story became viral and everybody knew about it pretty fast.
  • Bhatbhate told his friend Guithe about how he found the gold ring.
  • Sarape make Fatauri Aamoi a fool and got his own gold ring.

Meri Bassai

Click on the following link to watch the full episode

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