Meri Bassai (Prince Harry episode with Yaman Shrestha) – March 30, 2016

Popular comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai’ was shown in NTV. Watch this episode to know:

  • Kaji bought a new blanket and mattress for his foreign guest Prince Herry.
  • Chamsuri suggests Kaji to build new house for his foreign guest – in a very funny style.
  • Harry didn’t stay in Kaji’s house, he wanted to live in a poor guy’s house.
  • Why did Dhurmus pretend to be the poorest person in the village?
  • Dhurmus made up a story to tell Prince Harry.
  • Fatauri Aamoi became emotional when Harry called her Aama?
  • Kaji was very mad at Prince Harry.

Merri Bassai

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