Dec 102011

The ‘greatest actor’, Mahanayak, Rajesh Hamal is going to appear in Television serial, Meri Bassai soon. In an unexpected appearance, he will appear in his own name to create awareness in the public about increasing number of fraud attempts being done by selling his name.

UPDATE: First of the 3 part series is posted here.

Rajesh Hamal

Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) the producer and director of the comedy serial prepared the script specially designed for Rajesh Hamal.

Sitaram Kattel has told that the coming three episodes will be Rajesh Hamal special. He also told that, all the shootings of the episodes has already finished. While talking with Nagarik, he added, “We didn’t discuss the remuneration. We will play as much as we can afford.”


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  1. Very good episode 6 la Sitaram ji.Try 2 place other heroine also like Rekha Thapa in ur Serial.It sounds good for the people who usually watch this serial.

  2. […] a huge success of the role of Rajesh Hamal in Meri Bassai, the popular comedy serial, Bhuwan KC has also decided to act in the […]

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