Meri Bassai – Rishi Dhamala, September 22, 2015

Popular comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai’ was shown in NTV. Watch this episode to know:

  • Rishi Dhamala is the guest artist in this episode. He is featured in is own role – an interviewer.
  • What cream did Pakuli use on her face and why is it so funny?
  • Muskan Passa explains where Sambidhan’s Dhara to Gofte Kaji?
  • Why did Raju Master and his wife dance? Is it because of the new constitution?
  • Interview of fake KP Oli by the real Rishi Dhamala.
  • Interview of Raju Master by Rishi Dhamala.
  • All villagers celebrate the new Consultation of Nepal 2072.

Meri Bassai

Click on the following link to watch the video

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