Mundre Sanga Kura, comedy video collection

The comedy actor Jitu Nepal, commonly known as ‘Mundre’ from his popular comedy serial ‘Jire Khursani’ is one of the top comedy actor in Nepal. Apart from acting in movies and TV serials, Mundre has also produced jokes and satire videos. This is the collection of videos about various topics Mundre has talked about.

mundre sanga kura

Mundre Sanga Traffic ka Kura

  • Mundre talks about the Traffic Police in Nepal
  • Gopal Nepal (Fiste) is featured as a traffic police
  • Mundre is riding a motorcycle (moped).

Mundre Sanga AD ka Kura

Mundre talks about advertisements in Nepal

  • The comedy show staged on the Crity Awards 2062 (11 years ago).
  • Mundre talks about the advertisement in Nepal in funny way.
  • Nepali film actresses Jharana Bajracharya, Rekha Thapa etc. are in the audience. Mundre makes fun about Jharana’s role in her Hindi movie ‘Love in Nepal’.
  • Mundre also caricatures Girija Koirala, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Sher Bahadur Deuba etc.
  • Singers sing about gift in noodles – Kumar Basnet, Nabin K Bhattarai
  • Mundre sanga Geet Sangeet ka Kura (Mundre talks about songs and music)

Mundre Sanga Producer ko Kura

  • Mundre talks about producers in Nepal (मुन्द्रे संग निर्माताका कुरा)
  • It is an interview program of Jitu Nepal in double role.
  • The interview at the time of the shooting of the film.
  • The producer’s interview after the release of the movie.

Mundre Sanga Heroine Ka Kura

  • Mundre talks about Nepali actresses
  • Mundre is featured as an actress
  • Jitu is featured in double part interviewing the actress.

The video credit – Budha Subba Digital

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