Mundre visited Oxford University while in UK

In his third visit to the UK the comedy actor Jitu Nepal, popularly known as Mundre in ‘Jire Khursani‘, visited the world famous Oxford University. After the finishing cultural programs in 16 different cities in the UK, Mundre joked ‘Being a SLC Pass, I just stepped in the University’s compound. If I had studied more, I would have entered the University."

jitu nepal in uk

Jitu Nepal went to UK just before the Constitution Assembly election. The election was a very good topic to make jokes on at the time. He caricatured political leaders like Prachanda, Sushil Koirla, Baburam Bhattarai, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Sherbahadur Deuba, and Ramchandra Poudel. Apart from political topics, he also include the traffic management, GPS navigator, women rights.

During last visit of Jitu Nepal to the UK, Nepali students were having tough time because of the UK government’s student visa policy. At the time the theme of his comedy program were the Nepali student. This time, the topic was politics. Photo credit – Jitu Nepal.

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