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Teej is around the corner. Here are some of the selected Teej songs for you to be prepared to hit the floor on the yearly festival.

teej songs

Teej is a women festival of fun, music and dance. These days, men have also started singing and dancing in Teej songs. The festival is one of the most important cultural events in Nepal. After Dashain and Tihar, Teej considered the third largest festival in Nepal.

Here are some songs to enjoy Teej festival.

Hottest song of 2015 – Jyoti Magar video:

Kanyaideu — Sushma Karki’s double meaning Teej song.

Ghumre Julfi

Teej Aayo by Sindhu Malla

Malai ta kati Majja ho

Achchmai raamro nachche morile

Jaso Pare Parla

Teejako rahara

Sanu maya — Teej comedy

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