Aug 082010

Starting this Sunday (August 8, 2010) at 7:30 PM, a new comedy serial is going to be broadcasted in Kantipur Television (KTV). The comedy named ‘Harke Haldar’ will be shown in the TV for at least a year (52 episodes).

The director of the serial, Prakesh Subedi, has promised ‘not to satire anybody’. The actors in the rural setting will also act without exaggerating their facial or bodily expressions.

The serial is written by writer duo Bishnu Sapkota and Kishor Bhandari. Bishnu Sapkota is in a dual role as a 25-year-old Harke Haldar and 65-year-old father, Lahure Ba.

The director has said that the first seven parts of the serial has already been shot in Chhetre Deurali of Dhaging. Remaining parts will also be shot at the same location. The serial features Kishor Bhandari, Reshma Timilsana, Roshani Sapkota, Sunita Gautam, Indra Lama etc.

It is to be seen, how the viewers will receive a serial in which the actors ‘don’t do any satires and don’t make any faces.’

Good Luck Harke Haldar team!

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  1. i like this serial

  2. I,want wach news……

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