Nov 282009

Nirmal Sharma, 39, is another most popular actor in the popular TV serial by Deepak Raj Giri, Tito Satya.

While doing the role of Dipak Raj Giri’s boss in the said serial, Sharma had to play an arrogant senior officer. One day, when Sharma shouts at Dipak Raj Giri, he gets mad at Sharma and calls him “Gaida” (rhinoceros). Audiences loved the nickname, and the crew decided to add this name into their script. Ever since then, a well built Nirmal Sharma is more popular among his fans as “Gaida” than by his real name.

Sharma is a graduate in History and Geography from Pune, India. He is also a trained ramp model who started his career as a television advertising consultant. He produced a TV serial and debuted his acting career in “Aamako Maya”. He also produced some successful movies like Jetho Kancho, Anga Rakshak, Jalan etc.

Sharma is also the proprietor of The Banquet Club in Lazimpat.

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