Nirmal Sharma – I love being called Gaida

Known as Gaida in Tito Satya serial, Nirmal Sharma has established himself as a comedy actor. Nirmal started acting in advertisemetns and movies before coming to small screen. Apart from acting he is running a restaurant in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. Saptahik weekly met him in his restaurant to ask a few question.

In spite of being a comedy actor, why are you serious ?

Yes, my face doesn’t show feelings. My face remains same during happiness and sorrow. So, I don’t consider myself an actor. Deepak has made an actor our of a person like me. This is an example of how a good director can make actor out of anybody. It is not only Deepak Raj Giri, Dinesh DC is also a good director.

Why did you choose the comedy field?

Actually, I was known from Tito Satya tele-serial although I had acted in movies and advertisements before that. I was established as a comedy actor from the Tito Satya serial.

How do you feel when somebody calls you ‘Gaida’?

In the starting days I felt odd but later I feel good about it. When somebody calls me Gaida in a public place I feel happy and feel that I am popular in general public. (translated from Nepali in Saptahik weekly)

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    shawn michaels

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    hello Gaida

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