Parichaya – Episode 121 to 130

In this post I will  update with the 10 episodes of the popular television serial. The links to all the previous episodes are listed below.

parichaya part 121 to 130Nepali serial – Parichaya
Episodes – Episode 121 – Episode 130
Starring – Sarita Lamichhane, Nandita KC, Kabita Rggmi, Sima Dhakal, RP Pant, Laxmi Giri, Dinesh Sharma, Arun Regmi, Nagendra Rijal, Ambika Pradhan etc.
DirectorRishi Lamichhane

In addition to well known director Rishi Lamichhane, the director Nawal Nepal is also helping Rishi as the chief assistant director, the serial editor are Shiva Puri and Rakshya Singh. Camera are used by Shiva Dhakal / Ratna Dhakal and  the lyrics / script by Jagadishowr Thapa. This post contain the episodes 121 to 130.

To watch the previous episode please click on the following links.

Episode 121

Episode 122

Episode 123

Episode 124

Episode 125

Episode 126

Episode 127

Episode 128

Episode 129

Episode 130

Episode 131 in another post

Update of next episodes will be done soon

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