Dec 012015

The next 10 episode of popular Nepali serial ‘Parichaya’

parichaya episode 100Nepali serial – Parichaya
Episodes – Episode 101 – Episode 110
Starring – Sarita Lamichhane, Nandita KC, Kabita Rggmi, Sima Dhakal, RP Pant, Laxmi Giri, Dinesh Sharma, Arun Regmi, Nagendra Rijal, Ambika Pradhan etc.
Director – Rishi Lamichhane

The director Nawal Nepal is the chief assistant director, the serial is edited by Shiva Puri and Rakshya Singh. Camera by Shiva Dhakal / Ratna Dhakal and  the lyrics / script by Jagadishowr Thapa.

This post contain the episodes 101 to 110. To watch the previous episode please click on the following links.

Links to all the episodes:

Episode 101

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  1. ,i finished watching this sereal and i m fully inspired to b a real wonan in the life bt how does it end, i want to watch all the remaining r parts fgom 110. plz can u update them to?plz sarita dd !!!!!!

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