Jul 242015

parichaya 41-50Nepali Serial – Parichaya
Starring – Bharati Ghimire, Sarita Lamichhane, Dinesh Sharma, Nagendra Rijal, Arun Regmi, Ambika Pradhan etc.
Director – Rishi Lamichhane

Nepali serial ‘Parichaya’ is a multi-part television serial shown in Nepal Television. In serialsansar, we are posting the serial in a batch of 10 episodes in a single post. After the completion of the serial, we will update each part with the links to all the posts. This post has Episodes 41 to 50.

Previous Watch Episodes 31 to 40 and Watch the next, Episodes 51-60 (coming soon).
parichaya 31-40

Links to all the episodes:

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