Pasupati Sharma and his wife Rekha In Jeevan Saathi with Narayan Puri

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Host Narayan Puri’s first question to Rekha was, what does she calls her husband.
  • Pasupati talks about how they meet for the first time, what did they talk, and what did they wear at that time.
  • Rekha and Pasupati told how the marriage was fixed.
  • Rekha tells about the misunderstanding in their first year of marriage.
  • Pasupati tells about his dad’s interest in his choice of career.
  • Pasupati talks about his and his brother’s time of struggle.
  • Rekha also choses a song for Pasupati to sing for the audience.

Jeevan Saathi

Watch the full program

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