Pawankali Show to return after 4 years, with Luniva Tuladhar

It had been about ten years since Luniva Tuladhar left the popular show in TV, ‘The Pawankali Show’. After Luniva left to go to the USA, Tara Kandel took over the Pawankali character to run the show. Tara also left the country and Mampi Ghosh took over the character. When Mampi also left the country four years ago the show completely stopped.

luniva tuladhar

Now, Luniva has returned to start the show again. The show will be shown in Kantipur Gold television channel.

‘The Pawankali Show’ is an entertaining show by the character called Pawankali who talks in a village girl’s ascent, mixed with satire and comedy. The get-up of Pawankali and her distinctive talking style had been always popular although three different VJ had been featured as Pawankali. The guests in the show used to be artists, political figure and social workers.

You can watch the July 24,  2010 edition of Pawankali Show by Malpi Ghosh – The guest of the show is Aryan Sigdel. The June 19, 2010 edition of the show.

Mamphi Ghosh is currently living in the USA and last year, she had also catwalked in ramp in New York.

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