Mar 142014

Various actors caricature different political leaders. Popular television serials present such artists for political satire. One such artists is Ghanshyam Gautam, looks like UCPN (Maoist) leader Prachanda. Fake Prachanda, Ghanshyam is featured in ‘Meri Bassai‘.

Ghanshyam Gautam as Prachanda dances with fake Rekha Thapa

Black suit, glasses and fake mustache makes Ghanshyam look exactly like Prachanda. In the photo above, fake Prachanda dances with fake Rekha Thapa just like the incident during people’s agitation few years ago.

Ghanshyam as Prachanda

Do you think Ghanshyam looks like Prachanda? Another actor Manoj Gajurel also does Prachanda’s caricature.

Other fake political leaders in comedy serials were compiled in our previous post.

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