Priyanka Karki hot avatar and Facebook request

Nepali actress Priyanka Karki had asked her fans and friends in social media to behave properly and not to post indecent messages to her. The actress had shared some screenshots of the indecent messages she gets in regular basis to prove her point. In a detailed letter titled “To those who cause my heart to cry” Priyanka complained that the people act as if she was hurting the people when she shares photos and music videos. She was most hurt when people call her names like slut, hooker and similar names.

It is normal to feel bad when somebody calls you name but, it’s not uncommon in social media and people should grow thick skin, specially when they are celebrities. I agree with the Nepaliactress comment (link to the article is at the end):

the letter seems a little childish in her part.

Yes, it is childish and the Aesop’s story holds true in the case. Video report on Priyanka’s letter:

A few days after the statement, Priyanka showed her hottest avatar in ‘How Funny’ premier show. She was the main attraction of the event because of the transparent dress she wore. The video report of ‘How Funny’ premier show:

XNepali has accused Priyanka of creating the mountain out of a molehill. The reasons quoted include her smartness as a person and her international exposure. She knows the social media well and she knows better than crying over what other tell in comments. Also, the controversies she has gone through must have made her stronger to complain about what other say.

Some photos of Priyanka Karki’s hot photos during ‘How Funny’ Premier:

priyanka karki hot how_funny

priyanka karki and nisha adhikari how funny premier

priyanka karki hugs deep shree niraula how-funny-premier show


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