Feb 232016

Popular program ‘Jeevan Saathi’ was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this interview:

  • The guests of this episode are Rajaram Poudel and his wife Ishwari Poudel.
  • Ishwari and Rajaram say that they haven’t quarrelled in 3 decades of their marriage.
  • Rajaram talks about how he meat his wife for the first time.
  • It has been 33 years of Rajaram and Ishwari’s mariage.
  • Rajaram talks about his wife’s behaviour and why they haven’t quarrelled.
  • Ishwari talks about when she was scared of Rajaram Poudel.
  • Rajaram talks about his singing skill and why he stop singing.
  • In this interview Rajaram sings a popular song of Kumar Basnet.
  • Rajaram has never wished birthday or anniversary.

Jeevan Saathi

Watch the full interview

Another video about the wives of other comedy artists:

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