Rajesh Hamal marriage (photos and video)

Nepali superstar has finally got married at the age of 50 years to a 28-years-old Madhu Bhattarai in a ceremony held in Hotel Annapurna. Journalists had keenly followed to get the details of the secret marriage conducted among close family and friends.

Video after the marriage:

Rajesh and Madhu met the press after the marriage. Madhu told that she was ‘very happy’. Rajesh and Madhu talked about each other but didn’t reveal any details of their honeymoon plan. Some photos of their Suhagraat bed and photos after changing the marriage dresses are also unveiled in media (see them at xnepali).

The reception party is scheduled to be held on May 28.

Photos after the marriage ceremony.

rajesh hamal and madhu bhattarai after marriage similing couple

Photo of Rajesh and Madhu on Suhagraat bed:

rajesh hamal suhagrat bed  (3)

Photo taken at the marriage mandap:


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