Ramesh Kharel transferred over anti-corruption statement (video)

The SSP of Kathmandu, Ramesh Kharel, a media celebrity police officer had been transferred from the Police office after his anti-corruption statement in a public function. Ramesh Kharel spoke about corruption in police officers and asked the minister to fight it.

Video of Ramesh’s statement:

After Kharel’s suggestion to fight against corruption, the minister has chosen to side with corrupt officers and punish Kharel.

Right after being appointed the Home Minister, Bamdev Gautam had publicly expressed his dissatisfaction about Kharel ignoring the minister. Gautam has also been reticulated for breaking traffic rule recently.

ramesh kharel and bamdev goutam

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Minister Bamdev Gautam jumping road divider fence in Kathmandu street:

minister bamdev gautam jumping road divider

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