Feb 032016

This program was shown in ek channel. Highlights of this program:

  • The host, Kishor Nepal asks actress Gauri Malla about her serial in TV, ‘Singh Durbar’.
  • Although she enjoys playing like a Prime Minister in screen Gauri Malla said that she doesn’t want to be a PM in real.
  • Actress Rekha Thapa talks about why she is the hero of Nepali Movie.
  • Actress Richa Sharma talks about how she started her career.
  • Rekha talks about how and why she had danced with Prachanda.
  • Gauri Malla talks about how hard it is to survive in acting field.
  • Rekha talks about the income of the artists in Nepali movie industry.
  • Richa also gives her opinion about the income in movie field.


Watch the full program

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